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The Superior Choice for Precision-Fabricated Components, Industrial Tooling and Parts That Resist Wear & Corrosion


Grinding Services

We manufacture precision components using an array of grinding equipment. With more than 90 grinding machines on our shop floor, we offer fast and reliable:

  • CNC External/Internal Grinding (including high speeds of 7,600-60,000 rpm)
  • Form Grinding
  • CNC Jig Grinding
  • Optical & Radius Grinding
  • Rotary Honing

We can accommodate pieces up to 60” long and 20” in diameter. We also offer Flat Lapping & Polishing with uniform edge-to-edge flatness and superior surface finishes.

The grinding machines on our shop floor are made by these leading equipment manufacturers:

  • CNC External/Internal – Weldon, Okamoto, Parker Majestic & Junker
  • CNC Jig - Moore
  • External - Tschudin, Kellenberger, Toyoda, Okamoto, Shigia
  • Form - Parker Majestic, Mitsui, Brown Sharpe
  • Internal - Overbeck (Basaran), Okamoto, Heald
  • Optical - Cincinnati, Wasino
  • Radius - Special/Proprietary